Sunday, December 2, 2007

The importance of Laughter

Having a meaningful discussion about laughter, I have to talk about the ridiculous theory of “Political Correctness”, first. Political Correctness is the most insane, ignorant idea ever invented. It is a sure fire way to destroy Laughter.

Laughter is a separate, super important, life giving, life-inspiring aspect of life that should not offend anyone ever, no matter what the subject is. My own personal take on the subject is “If it’s funny, it’s funny”.

An example of the Political Correctness crap destroying humor is what is happening in the business office world now. They even have meetings on what’s not acceptable to even talk about, much less what might be funny. People in that environment tell me it ruined the whole work experience for them. Going to work no longer has any fun aspects at all and has become boring as hell for the folks that care about having a little fun sometimes.

An example of the damage involved would be if John and Pete were standing in the hallway of a cubicle office space telling a great joke at the expense of women. All of the sudden, here comes Jane. What do they do? They shut up and stand there stupidly until she passes out of earshot and then continue to the punch line and have a good laugh. They then go back to work refreshed and ready to produce.
Now what just happened? The truth of the matter is Jane was excluded from the whole thing. Instead of being a valued part of the team and a welcomed part of the group, Jane is an outsider and cannot belong. Because Jane might be offended, she is left out. Now this actually hurts Jane’s chances for any meaningful participation in the company.

In my perfect world, which obviously doesn’t exist, a group of people could stand around telling jokes. The group would consist of a White, Black, Mexican, Chinese, Women, Japanese and even a Muslim. We would all be telling Whitey, Nigger, Spic, Chink, Chick, Jap and Rag head jokes. Now let me be real clear here. I mean rotten to the core racial and sexist/sexual jokes. We would all laugh our ass off, shake hands and go on our way with a lighter heart and good feeling about our brothers and sisters.

Come on folks, we gotta lighten up and enjoy life more. Quit being so damn serious. You only have this one life as far as I know. One of the Eastern sayings that applies here is “Life is a dance, get out there and dance and have fun with it”

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