Saturday, December 8, 2007

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration means surplus of labor. Keeps labor costs down. Benefits corporatists.

Illegal immigration means safety valve against revolution for corrupt Mexican government. Benefits corporatists.

Laws against illegal immigration, if enforced hurt corporatists. Solution: corporatists in business break law, bribe corporatists in politics to refrain from enforcing law.

Who gets hurt: American labor, American taxpayers due to social services and law enforcement costs of illegal immigration, American economy due to $20 billion annually lost in illegal immigrant wages being wire-transferred to Mexico.

Corporatist justifications:
1. Americans won't do the work
2. We can't i.d. & deport illegals
3. We can't secure the borders

Solutions to above:
1. Raise wages and benefits to attract American workers.* Pass costs along to consumers. Point out that increase costs of food & consumer goods and services will be offset by a) lowered social services costs, b) lower costs of criminal justice system/incarceration, and c) benefits of wages of Americans being spent/saved/invested in America, rather than going to Mexico.
2. Target enforcement efforts against the employers of illegals, not the illegals themselves. When law-breaking employers are fined and imprisoned, others will stop breaking the law. Jobs for illegals will dry up. Without jobs, illegals will go home (self-deportation).
3. Bring troops home from overseas and secure our borders.

Who to blame for problem: corporatists & elites

Who not to blame for problem: illegal immigrants
Example: Head of Lettuce.
Lettuce average cost $1.00 per head.
The lettuce would cost about a nickel more with American labor than with illegal labor.
What does that nickel buy? More tax revenues for America. Less money spent in social services and in criminal justice. More American employment & less money spent on welfare.

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