Friday, September 16, 2011

Compromise. Remember that word?

More and more people coming in to my shop are getting sick and tired of our two party system who only care about their own personal political agendas. Both sides have clearly forgotten who they're working for.
Worse yet it seems, both sides have been held hostage by their more extremist outer edges. People who reside so far out in the ozone, hiding in their super stocked (food and bullets) bomb shelters, waiting for the inevitable "end of the world' they forgot what it's like to be a normal, caring human beings. People who pretend to know what they're talking about when in actuality, they're just parroting what some radio or TV channel idiot tells them to think.

So now we've become a divided nation, pretty much right down the exact middle, it seems.

On the extremist right side, they seem to be screaming to cut all social programs to the bone, if not completely eliminate them and the hell with the poor.
On the other side, they're screaming to spend even more money on those very same programs, disregarding the fact that we're not only broke but owe an unimaginably large amount of money for all the borrowing we've done creating and maintaining those programs and the hell with the rich.

The left side clearly thinks we can borrow even more and or tax the rich and spend our way out of the present financial crises and the right side thinks we just need to drastically cut spending and lower the taxes and regulations on business and the rich as incentives for them to reinvest in everything.

Not being an extremist political or financial nut case as a very loud, obnoxious minority seem to be nowadays, I don't claim to know which theory (opinion) might be right but do have some thoughts on the subject.
How about both sides pulling their feet out of their cement encased bullshit agendas (asses) and finding common ground somewhere in the middle of both these approaches?

Even my little feeble mind can imagine both sides leaving their hard core doctrines back at their office and setting down together like the professional adults we chose as our Representatives and making their main goal for once or once again, to "Compromise" for the good of the common men and women in America.

Is that asking to much? That they get back on tract finding ways in the middle to solve our problems, as we elected and expect them to do?

Again, admittedly not knowing one iota about the sometimes seemingly insurmountable financial problems the entire world is experiencing right now, isn't it reasonable to assume taking a middle of the road, compromising path to be the only real answer?

So let me just free form some thoughts right now. Instead of taxing the rich out of business, is it possible to just make damn sure all giant cooperations and companies along with their owners, CEO's and upper management are paying their fair equitable share of taxes, leaving no excuse for any business or rich as hell person, large or small from paying no taxes. No excuses! Equitable being the magic word here. If your rich as hell, you should be paying a portion equal to your wealth, just as us peons do.

With our government clearly spending far, far more than it brings in, (what business could survive one day with that idiot approach?) how about adjusting all the entitlement programs down using a slow, carefully approach. After all, these things got out of hand over years and years of added abuse and would logically take years and years to bring back into reality, without negatively impacting the masses so drastically that people are starving in the streets. How about watching your own parents lose everything they have overnight? Not a pretty or acceptable scenario, is it?

Lets try adding another long lost word back into the English language. "Reasonable".

The one issue I do feel rather strongly about is the stupendous amount of Government regulations put in place through the years. I've been told over and over how crippling they have became for businesses, adding tremendous cost to almost everything we need or consume. When a business is forced by the government to pay far more to produce their product because of some added restriction, who do you think ultimately pays for that?

Could the powers that be just go back and take a hard, honest look at how many of those regulations are actually vital to add to the general safety of mankind versus just feel good bullshit, put in place by those idiots who feel we need protection from ourselves.

I for one being an adult, (well, most of the time) would like to take as much responsibility for myself as possible, thank you.

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