Thursday, December 17, 2009

Leave Tiger Woods the hell alone Media!

Ok, like most regular intelligent common people, I assumed this whole Tiger Woods thing would just flair up and go away in a few days. Having all the fame and money in the world, he really doesn't need another additional 15 minutes of fame, now does he?

Oh no.......the stupid ass news media decided to make this their darling cause of the universe and make believe that all us regular folks really give a shit what some super rich, sports guy does in his private life. Lets see now...on my personal scale of importance, this ranks right up there beside how many enemy terrorists got killed today. I could care less (well, that does give me a little cruel smile).

In my business, no one even brings this subject up as a point of conversation other than commenting on how incredibly stupid those that would care about this kind of crap are. Most people realize it's not even people who are to blame for this news fiasco but the News media itself has to take sole blame for this one. I think it's becoming more clear each day that our news media complex are becoming completely out of hand. Instead of just presenting the regular news that we care to know, they are trying to become like one of those insane junk magazines that puts out innuendoes and lies about the rich and famous. They are trying to lower the standard of our group intelligence to some kind of low denominator. We are more intelligent than they want us to believe and become folks.

Let me make something real clear here folks. I don't mean just the main stream media here. I mean all of them. They're all to blame in the misinformation, innuendoes, flat out lies department, all intended to try and make us believe whatever crap agendas they believe to be true.

With all the super, vitally important issues and wonderful things going on in the world right now, we all still appreciate and enjoy the media letting us all know what's going on but please leave off all the personal spin and rumor garbage. Especially the extremist crap from both sides of the political bullshit aisle. There is far more to life than politics or personal rumors.

What Tiger Woods or any other person on earth does in their private lives is none of anyone else's business at all. Get this straight Mr/Mrs News Media idiots. It's none of your damn business what other adults do in their private lives. We don't need nor want you to drag anyone's privates out in the light of day for us to see. We flat ass don't care.

I wonder if there might be some way to let our true wishes be known to those numskulls. Maybe if we all directly e-mailed/called/wrote whichever television/radio station you generally watch or listen to for your news and reamed their asses out for this kind of crap reporting, maybe they might take notice and back off. Tell them to stop this crap or you're going to shut them off for good. I have a sneaking feeling that money talks with these idiots.

Mmmmmmm, I wonder?

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Come on.......DO IT!