Monday, July 28, 2008

Politics in America

Everyone I know agrees that American politics and life in general in America was at it's very best around 1950. Politicians actually went to work and accomplished real work. They did work "for the good of the people" then and everything was pretty straight foreword, honest and relatively simple. Most men could go to work and make enough money to afford everything they needed within reason. The wife of the family could stay home and take care of the children. Can you imagine, children were raised exclusively by their own parents?

Ok, jump ahead approximately 50 years and what do we have now? Politicians who work full time making far, far too much money with every benefit in the world. What do they do now? Absolutely nothing, that's what. When was the last time ANY politician talked about or did anything that actually means something important to you personally? Something that helps your family and personal financial resources?

What they do nowadays is whatever is blowing in the wind, from whoever yells the loudest. They talk about abortion, gay issues, helmet laws, cell phone laws, food product problems. These things are social and or private issues that have no place at all in the realm of government. I really don't think the founding fathers were thinking of these issues when they made the constitution and bill of rights. I really think they had far more important things in mind.

The things that are vital like our totally failing heath care system, prison system, immigration system and a whole bunch of other REAL problems are mentioned once in a while but generally are just ignored by ALL the politicians. Our present system, with only two parties is extremely good at doing absolutely nothing. The price of doing nothing is a fortune, by the way.

My solution to all this is pretty simple, as most real answers are. We need to fire everyone of those do nothing, good for nothing idiots and start over with a new batch. Also, take the whole thing back to a part time job. That way all the politicians can get a real job and pay their own bills, like all of us have to. Another great idea would be to take every new law created since around 1950 and dump them in the garbage. Obviously all those new laws haven't done us any good at all, except to complicate the hell out of life for no good reason at all.