Friday, June 21, 2013

Shades of gray.........

I’m thinking one of the worst attributes of a small percentage of humans is their habit of seeing the world in only black and white, good or bad, up or down, or possibly intelligent or stupid.

Maybe humans have always been prone to that simplistic view of life, starting with the cave men and women. Where they only allowed what they considered the good or strong people to join their tribe and all the people they considered bad or weak would be killed or at least banned from their declared territory.
What kind of testing procedures or guidelines they would have used to determine other’s standing in their scheme of things might have been as simple as color of skin, how high of a forehead they had, how low their knuckles dragged, or any other attribute that didn't conform with whatever was considered normal at the time.

With this flawed system of trying to make sense of life, they would make sweeping assumptions about people based on incredibly narrow perimeters. Also with such a narrow view of what’s right or wrong, they would lose the wonderful diversity natural life has in such ample supply for those with the eyes and minds to see and appreciate.

Apparently some truths are ingrained in our collective souls, for certain present day humans to this day still see life through the narrow aperture of a blinder, which are what horse trainers put on their mount’s eyes to not allow them to become distracted from whatever mission they’re being trained for, to keep them absolutely focused on their assigned tasks. Of course for humans, the blinders are the narrow-minded focus certain people proudly practice and prefer.

Close mindedness has a direct correlation to intelligence or lack thereof. The proof of that statement lies in examining the various cultures throughout the world. The lower the education level, the more likely they are to solve any and all problems with hate driven violence versus communication and reason. Instead of simply understanding there are vast complex differences between people even in the same region, they just stick to their generational dogma agendas and use the same tactics their forefathers and mothers used, even if completely outdated and cruel.

So in some of these backward countries, when you catch your daughter alone with a man that’s not a relative, you simply throw her in a hole in the ground with rocks stacked around it’s perimeter and invite the whole tribe to throw stones down at her until she dies a horrible, wretched death, for shaming your supposed sacred family trust.

In our present day, this black and white extreme divisiveness has came full circle, it’s came back in glorious bloom to once again plague us with its ignorant, close minded vitriol.
As most would agree, we've reached a point in our political system where one is either on one side or the other, at least according to the more extremist amongst us.
In the true color palette, there are potentially thousands of shades of gray between stark white and stark black. The same is true with humans. There are the extreme outer edges of humanity with the prerequisite blinders firmly in place, only seeing, reading or watching each other, then roboting what they see as truths. They've learned to stick to preaching to the choir instead of humanity, because humanity sees their crap for what it is.
The sad and ignorant side of this is that the extremist faction really believes everyone thinks the same as them.
Thankfully, the truth is the vast majority of intelligent thinking Americans see all that for what it is. Extremist bull pucky!

The problem is the people on the outer edges of reason are most times big mouthed, loud numskulls. Their way is not to quietly reason, communicate or have civilized conversations about important political or economic issues but to blast their hate, blame and doom and gloom view of the world they unfortunately live as their own sad realities.

As most thinking Americans clearly know, this present day polarizing, divisive reality has brought our system to a complete standstill.
When our leaders are too childish, narrow-minded and dogmatically agenda driven, nothing meaningful can be achieved.

Know this though. The thinking American people are becoming sick and tired of our politicians forgetting whom they were elected to serve. One of these days, hopefully sooner rather than too late, they will wake up and throw all the bums out of office and start with a new, fresh batch…

Mmmmmmm……I can smell the fresh baked odor wafting from life’s kitchen now…….