Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Crime and Punishment

Here’s my three-part answer to the problems involved in our Courts and prison systems.

First of all, lets try and deal with the facts, not goodie two shoes feelings. Our Courts and Prisons systems in America are a complete failure as far as solving the problem of keeping all of us law-abiding citizens safe and secure. They started out in the old days working pretty direct and efficient and slowly but surely became stupider and stupider all along.

Number one would be to establish the ones who are so plain as day evil that they should not be breathing our air. They should be taken out back and shot and buried without another thought. Just as you would do with a favorite pet dog who all of the sudden started maiming small children just for the fun of it. You would take the dog out back and shoot and bury it, thinking it’s really too bad but necessary.

Number two would be to face the fact that the whole drug war is a complete failure. The crazy way our society has handled it would be funny if not so sad and serious for so many unfortunate people who became hooked on drugs in the first place. Obviously, throwing people in prison for messing with drugs never has and never will do any good at all. The only things they learn in prison is how to be a better bad guy.
So take the whole drug issue and put it where it belongs. Use the money saved from putting them in prison into therapy programs, job programs, anything else the doctors can think of to help these people quit using drugs, get a job, buy a home and live a productive life.
The other aspect here is legalizing all drugs. Take the lawlessness out of it. That gets rid of all the dealers. Won’t some people just die if they’re legal? They die all the time now when it’s illegal.

Ok, now we’ve eliminated probably ¾ of the prison population. Now comes the fun part. Number 3 would be to lower the time the rest spend in prison drastically. Five years would be pretty much the longest sentence you might get for the worst crimes left that would warrant a prison sentence.
Turn prison into something a person would much rather commit suicide than go back to. Go back to no tv, magazines, games, computers, exercise equipment or anything fun at all. In fact, put them to hard labor 10 hours a day, seven day a week doing something constructive to society.
Rights? They get their rights back when they pay back their debt to society and walk out the front door a free man or women.

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We're 3 for 3 on this...T.