Friday, March 21, 2008

What the market will bare = GREED

This is a subject that is one of my pet peeves with our society. The "What the market will bare" theory. Holy shit, what a rip off stupid idea that is. Lets put this in perspective here. If all of the sudden in my business, there is a line of people wanting my service (doesn't matter what business) going clear around the block, I can now announce to all of them the new price is now $1000.00, instead of the normal $14.00 I usually charge for my services. Everyone would yell "Why" and I would say "Because I can". Lets see now. Another word for that practice would be "GREED", plain and simple. I would at that point just be another greedy bastard, as are most if not all big businesses. Most do not charge a "fair, reasonable" price, they charge "what ever the market will bare". Another words, whatever they can get the shills to fork out and screw them and their own personal needs. Real nice humanity there folks, real nice......

As far as what the working stiff should make, take a real close look at the company owners financial situation to determine that. Does he/she drive a lexus and live in a mansion on a hill overlooking all the pions? Well then, they are not paying the workers what their worth. They are just like most other big business owners. Greedy bastards who could give a shit about the normal, common working stiff. I have no problem with a "reasonable" profit on investments but our society is set up with greed as its driving force.

Be very careful there American society. All countries without a strong "Middle Class" are doomed for failure in the end.