Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas, oh so magical. Or is it?

Christmas for everyone is assumed to be the most magical, amazing, wonderful time of the year. A time when all family's make a special effort to get back in close, personal contact with all their loving relatives and friends. Often times, this really only happens this one time each year, which should make it even more special.

Christmas starts out for all of us as this crazy, wild, huge event that slowly becomes more and more real and important starting from the day we are born. It's a time when as children, all of the sudden out of no where, relatives we might almost never see show up at our homes with smiles and love shinning in their eyes and souls. A time when we re-connect with people we have a blood connection with or those who married or coupled with our blood relatives.

All of the sudden our homes become this loud, happy, huggy and warm place where nothing bad could possibly happen. It re-affirms how life can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience for all. Our homes become this special place with the amazing smells of Aunt Gertrude's yearly dishes that taste oh so good. Everyone has their own special dishes that fill the home with aromas from heaven. We all eat far, far too much of everything and every meal includes the obligatory moans and groans of being too full at the end of each meal.

Okay. That's the dream Christmas and possible reality for a lot of folks lucky enough to have a large loving family who either lives close by or are willing to travel across the country to end up in one special home each year, sharing their love for each other openly and with great glee.

The sad truth for so many is as we grow older and most of the children move off to have their own families and realities, it becomes harder and harder to get together at all. Then there are those who had those times only when they were little kids. Then their brothers and sisters, if they had any at all, slowly became estranged from each other for tons of stupid but real reasons. In adulthood, they might even now be in a place where they are so dysfunctional that they don't even talk to each other at all now. As sad as that seems to happy families, there are a lot of people out in the world in that position.

For them the whole Christmas season becomes this sad, lonely time of the year. We've all heard about the incredible and unfortunate amount of intense depression, even suicides that happen during the Christmas season each year.

I'm not writing this piece to put a damper on the season for folks but to just point out that Christmas is not always this perfect, wonderful, magical thing for an awful lot of folks. These people could and should get love, comfort and understanding from everyone around them. If you know of anyone like this as I'm sure you do if you look carefully around you, lets all take even just a moment out of our hectic lives to do something special for these deserving people who don't have these great big loud, loving family's around to give them a huge group hug we all crave so much.

Just taking the time to spend a few moments with them. Giving them a call out of the blue to wish them a Merry Christmas. Giving them a small but thoughtful present. Just letting them know that you do care about them, even in just a small way most likely would make them feel wanted and cared about at this special time.

Since I do believe in some kind of Karma, I believe this goodwill will come back to you in spades if not now, someday soon.

Oh yeah. Merry Christmas to all of you and I hope we all have a wonderful, prosperous New Year.


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