Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh yeah? Well, your Mom wears combat boots.....

Well, It's FINELY becoming apparent to all of us that our collective acceptance of negative ads on the political front is readily and rightfully coming to a screeching halt. I just saw on the news a perfect example of this fact. Seems during a get together somewhere in California, between our present Governor and the two idiots trying for the job an interesting and very telling thing happened.

Tom Brocaw, with NBC who was moderating the event asked a very, very good question of both of the idiots. He simply asked them if they might declare a cessation of all negative political ads until the end of this mid term election. Now the part that completely blew my mind was the immediate and loud applause just the question got from the visiting audience in attendance.

I've been disgusted for years with this whole lame brained method of trying to get our votes. Everyone I've talked to for the last couple of years have always agreed that it was idiotic and questioned our intelligence to say the least. We don't need to hear the opposition bring up every little negative thing about their competitor to make up our minds who might be the best idiot to run things into the ground, as they all seem to eventually do.

I'm sure everyone in California and probably most everyone everywhere see that the candidates all use negative and smear campaigns until right at the last minute. Then they all put out some smiley, syrupy, sappy, look at how nice and capable I really am ads. They believe of course that with our very short memories, we'll forget they acted like little kids on the kindergarten playground calling each other dirty names all along with these last minute niceties.

One of the worst negative ad offenders was the bitch Meg Whitman. Then just this last week, she put out what I thought was what I would have loved to hear from day one. An ad talking about only herself and what she might be able to bring to the political table to help California survive into the future.

We can't leave out our old as the hills, forever politician Jerry (moonbeam) Brown, though can we? With his very negative but concise ads comparing the bitch with our present failed Governor. I really don't know as I try to not watch any of that crap, but I'll bet even he has now put out a couple of last minute positive ads also.

By the way, their answer to Tommy was something like this. Moonbeam mumbled something like if the bitch stopped, he would. The bitch went into this whole explanation about not using personal attack ads but stating moonbeams political failings was different. By the way, the attending audience booed all attempts to their justification for continuing the negative ads.

I've asked myself this question for years now. Do you think we will ever again have a candidate we are actually excited about? One we believe cares about the common man/women and would do things on our behalf, instead of their own bullshit political agendas or just to further their personal careers?

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You have got to stop sugar coating your blogs Paul. Tell us how you REALLY feel...