Saturday, October 9, 2010

I’m schizophrenic and so am I…………

Most people in the world seem to take life far, far too serious. Now there are plenty of times when seriousness is completely called for, that's for sure. The problems seems to be how much that attribute has taken over obsessively to the exclusion of all else. What about fun, enjoyment, laughter, merriment, lightness, craziness and just plain treating life as the dance it could and should be?

Important: important or grave enough to require thought and attention. Thoughtful or thought-provoking way. Earnestness, serious-minded, sincerity, sedateness, staidness, solemnity, solemness, graveness, gravity, sobriety, soberness, somberness, connectedness, commitment.....

Looking at all those definitions of the word seriousness gives one pause, now doesn't it? They all sound stiff as hell and damn boring. Not a plan or philosophy one would choose to live all the time by huh? Now there are plenty of times in ones life where being serious is the only way to go. Driving a car, any kind of flying, school in all it's applications, at work when one is trying to accomplish an important task etc.

To my admittedly (and with great pride) twisted mind, the devil in the details here is the entire concept of "political correctness". This stupid, insane, asinine present day invention was invented by muddle headed do gooder idiots who think they can tell everyone else what's "proper thinking". Well, they can all take a flying leap off a tall building as far as I'm concerned.

Ask anyone who works in a small to large company and they'll tell you as this insidious garbage philosophy entered the work place, all the fun went out the window and their jobs slowly became a drag instead of a place they wanted to be at. Instead of having a vested interest in doing the best they could for the company because they flat out enjoyed being there and being a positive contributor to the success of the company, now they just "put in their time, doing just what's necessary to get by and not be fired and get the hell out of there as soon as the clock lets them go each day.

Women became something you better not even look at for fear of "offending" them is some way, instead of Men's friends and equals. People of any color other than white became someone you deferred to and stepped lightly around for fear of "offending" them in some crazy way. So everyone you used to consider friends and co-workers now became potential enemies, who could cause you to lose your job. Now everyone there was now required to go to "political Correctness" education classes. Now doesn't that sound like some god damn communist countries attempt at mind control or something?

Well.....................I'm super proud to say that at my business, people have the right to say anything they damn well please about any subject whatsoever. It's a place for sexist, racist, dumb, crude, bad, stupid, nonsensical jokes of any kind. The only rule there is "if it's funny, it's funny". Even it it's not, it only deserves a loud, rude groan at the most. I pride myself on sending people out the door with not just a great haircut, but in a completely different mood if they were kind of grumpy when they entered.

Examples of my line of bullshit would be as I'm letting them out of the chair, I might say "Well, that'll have to do until the good Barber gets back", Or "I promise, the bleeding will stop soon". Or "I re-carved the dirty word in the back". I especially enjoy messing with stiff, uptight people in expensive suits. One time, I asked this judge dude why he kept coming back for my abuse and he surprised me with "You know what? You're one of the only people in my life who treats me as a normal everyday person, instead of with phony respect as most everyone else does at my job. You give me a healthy dose of reality and I like it".

So come on folks, life doesn't have to be so damn serious all the time. It should and can have a healthy dose of fun, creativity, laughter, spontaneity (a huge, loud, obnoxious, snot flying belly laugh is good for you) and a little bit of craziness can go a long way to enriching and improving your lives and those around you.



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Anonymous said...

im ocd, im ocd, im ocd. that was well written! and i tend toward the pessimistic/seriousness side but with a huge dose of humorousness most of the time, and i try an remember how much pessimistic/seriousness sucks, so keep that humorousness coming!

Anonymous said...

You have just motivated me to create a bumpersticker that reads:
I'll plaster one on every sourfaced, whiney, complaining customers butt that I see walk through your door :) Great Blog!