Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Doom and Gloomer's and their hate, anger and bullshit

In my reality with everyone I know in my personal life and at my business, most people by far are doing pretty damn well right now. Because of the present TEMPORARY economic situation we find ourselves in right now, they are like most people in the world being very cautious with their spending, that's for sure.

Again in my business, most people are basically happy with life, have great friends, neighbors and relatives. They come in smiling, content in general and we usually have plenty to laugh about. Also, there are plenty of positive, intelligent things to talk about and most people choose to look on the good side of things. They are not the proverbial "ignore the negative" types. They are hard working, smart, caring folks who understand what the world is going through right now. They just choose to look at things as a glass half full instead of a glass half empty.

Now I have to unfortunately admit that a very, very small percentage of folks who come in to my shop have a very small minded view of life for sure.
Their total focus is politics. Nothing but politics. They live, breath and only have that one subject in their lives. Politics! By far, these are types who do nothing but listen to the talking heads on the radio and television with their same "The world is ending" philosophies. They hate anything to do with the government. They see the government as the enemy. They live everyday with hate, anger and outrage toward the government.

The truth as most normal, intelligent folks know is the government is just an organization created by the people we set up to take care of the larger issues of life. Things that average people don't have the time or inclination to do. We set this system up in such a way that we get to vote for who we want to represent us. If our elected Representatives don't follow our wishes, we get to vote them out and vote someone else in. So ultimately, we are in control and have to take responsibility in the long run for the way things are. These politicians are not the
enemy. They are just people we voted in to do this job for us. If we don't think their doing the work the way we want, vote them out. Pretty simple concept that has worked for over 200 years now.

Back to the reality of the present TEMPORARY economic situation we find our selves in at the moment. I'm sure during the great depression, folks thought the world was coming to an end for sure. Those times were a hundred times worse than we are in right now. People were starving to death, for god's sake back then. Recently, some old black and white pictures of those times flew through the internet. Holy crap folks, those were some intense, crappy times for those poor folks then. Hell, we're living in heaven right now compared to those days.

It took years and years to get over that and get most folks back to work but that did happen. Everything went back to normal despite the Doom and Gloomer's saying the world was ending. It not only got back to normal but by the 1950's everyone's lives was doing pretty damn good. Some of the best times in America's history were AFTER the great depression.

The truth and reality is economics is and has always been a rollercoaster kind of thing. It goes up, probably too far, then it crashes back down, probably too far for comfort. Now being a good example of that.

So to all the Doom and Gloomers out there, which are "thank the heavens above", a very small minority of Americans, I say "Try and relax, it WILL eventually get better. Try to remember that regular, normal life could care less about your bullshit negative philosophies. The flowers are still there to enjoy, creative people are still creating, the sunny days are still wonderful and your friends and family still love you or at least care about you.

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Come on.......DO IT!


Anonymous said...

When you can get up in the morning and realize that you have another day to live, you may smile more,laugh more, and have something touch you deeply. Now that's life being lived. TOO many folks can't get beyond the claptrap that is force fed by the media, and will never look at how full their lives are. SUCH a Tragedy!

Paul said...

You know what? I have to interject something here. I should and might just make it another blog soon.

I've noticed that everyone on both sides of our bullshit political landscape always want to put all the blame on "the media".

What we each choose to take in from others on TV or the Radio are just potential tools for our use. It's what we do with that stuff that matters.

So ultimately, we have to take complete responsibility for our thoughts and actions. We can't in the long run blame "the media".

To put all the blame on them implies we have no self control. We would be just robots to the media and I think most intelligent folks are not robots. Easily misled maybe, but it's still up to us.