Monday, January 18, 2010


Again as usual, these thoughts came straight from my shop. Every time I bring this simple idea up in the barber shop, EVERYONE loudly and completely agrees.

The truth is both political parties have had a couple of decades trying to make America the best political system in the world. Compared to most of the rest of the world it has worked pretty good. There's a huge BUT in all this though as we all know.

Somehow it went from a few very caring and intelligent people basically volunteering for the sake of the people to take a part time job in the various offices. Making laws and guiding us in our quest to greatness to a complete career , hell we might even call it kingdom building. I'm told they used to come in for a couple of years, add whatever contribution they had to offer the people and then moved on. Back to their normal jobs, which back then was running a farm or business wherever they came from.

It was not a lifetime career at all. They did not get anything other than expenses while there. No Health insurance, lifelong retirement, fancy cars, jets, bodyguards and all the other expensive as hell crap we throw at them now. How in the hell did it get to the point it's at now from there?

Obviously now the only reason they are there are to further their own personal bullshit agendas, make a butt load of money and live like kings and queens for the rest of their lives. They lie, cheat, steal, take bribes, commit acts of perversion with each other and small children, all with no consequences. If they're not corrupt when we send them there, they become so shortly there after, in order to survive.

Isn't it about time that we changed all that? Make the bastards live with the same health care plans, retirement, personal integrity standards, etc. as the rest of us Americans. How did they somehow become like gods in their perverted eyes? Sorry fat ass, lazy rich suits, you are nothing compared to regular hard working Americans out in the country making an honest living for their families. Normal people who treat their neighbors, family and friends with the respect they deserve.

Okay, to the point with my rant......

I honestly don't think we can go any farther with our present very limited and short sighted two party system. Like I stated above, I think it's apparent that after a couple of decades in the saddle, both parties have changed everything to a completely unrecognizable mess and it's time to vote all those assholes out of office. It's time to drop our crap conservative/liberal agendas and try something completely out of the box. The same damn thing the Englanders did when they told England to eat shit and moved to America when they got sick of being ran by religious nut cases, for a fresh new start. A fresh start with new ideas and philosophies. Our two party system is done for and can just disappear into the sunset and history books as a good idea we had until we thought up new, better ways of governing ourselves. put all this in one sentence...............


Vote for ANYONE BUT THEM! It doesn't really matter at all who you vote for. ANYONE IS BETTER THAN THEM. Also, always in the future only give each of them one longer term in office or two shorter terms, then they can move along and go back to work like the rest of us normal working stiffs.

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Come on.......DO IT!

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Anonymous said...

Wurd. Simple maybe, i've voted for Mickey Mouse once just cause I felt he would do better than all the a-holes on the list, now we just need to vote a real person to make a point, how about me<----- or -----> you, just anyone from a normal walk of life, and I can only imagen the results would be amazing, with all the help the current fools get, if I could pick a cabinet of a ton of my favorite people we could make a lot of good decisions, I'd even be the fall guy or take the hit if we made a stupid decision now and then, and I be a normal person about it and appologize and fix it best I could, then keep going <------ not cover my tracks with mass confusion and slit throwt silencing ;) lol