Friday, December 5, 2008

Government Giveaways

I'm been wanting to bring this up for years now but something I read in yesterday's paper finally knocked me off the fence. Again, I saw a little tiny mention, not more than a half an inch in size telling about the Unites States Government giving Mexico something like $135,000,000 dollars for something or the other. HOLY SHIT!!! What the hell are our idiots in the suits in Washington think they are doing? Didn't I see on the news that we are in the grips of the worst economic crisis since the great depression here in America and we're giving god damn MEXICO millions of dollars?

I've been knocked off my feet probably once or twice a month for years and years by these little tiny notices in the papers or television news talking about our stupid ass government giving away millions of dollars to every little crap country in the world. Not just the little ones either. Seems we are so rich that we can even give to Japan, Russia, China and all the big boys out there also.

Part of the insanity of it all is how unimportant and trivial they obviously consider these "gifts" that they don't even bother to try and make us understand why their doing it. I've heard the term "financial diplomacy" used often from our inapt leaders to give it some kind of legitimacy. Ok, lets see now.........If we can't have everyone in the whole world love us to death, then we'll just bribe them into being our friends huh? So, the next time our children won't do what their told, just give them $50.00 to do the right thing. There ya go. That'll teach them the ways of the world. Actually the other day on the news I saw that is exactly what some schools are doing. If you stay in school and get decent grades, they have a pay scale depending on how often you do and how high your grades are. My oh my, has life changed and left me in the dust?

Even in good economic times how about the United States taking care of it's own citizens first and foremost and THEN, IF we have extra money, maybe we could think about helping the truly needy in the rest of the world. In those good times, I mean taking care of the huge important issues we have right here in america, like health care for instance. Things that we sometimes think are too costly for the government to handle. Well, if we weren't giving away most of the pie, maybe we could afford to help our own people with their medical needs among other things.

So maybe it's time we get back to a little of the "us first" isolationism of the past. Like the whole health issue, you need to first be healthy yourself before you can do anyone else any good huh?

So, whatchathink folks? What do you think about our government giving huge money to other countries on a regular basis?

Tell us what you think.

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