Monday, August 11, 2008

America's "Us against them" mentality

Today I got another long winded e-mail from a friend trying to tell me all about Obama's "anti-American" views and attitudes. It actually surprises me to no end how people can believe every little thing they are told by the right wing nutcases or the left wing weirdo's screaming out there on the radio, TV or the internet. I can see them now. Spit flying out of their mouths, red faces, their veins sticking out in their neck and with blood shot eyes from no sleep. Trying to tell the world that the sky really is going to fall at any moment.

This was my reply to him and to everyone who thinks I would possibly be interested in this kind of slop journalism.

"You know, I have to interject something here. Probably 99.9% of everything you and a lot of other folks are hearing and repeating about Obama is made up garbage from the extreme right wing nutcases they get from the fat drug fiend idiot to the right wing TV weirdo's.

I try and not pay a bit of attention to that kind of hearsay garbage as it does nothing at all to help us see reality with our election coming up. I really believe the extreme of both sides is the REAL AND POSSIBLY ONLY problem we have in America at this time and both sides need to grow up, shut the hell up and try to actually get things done "for the majority", not the right wing rich businesses or the left wing liberal elitists. This "us against them" mentality, no matter which side you are on, is hurting America big time. I really believe that until we stop this, nothing will get done at all, that needs doing. If you need more proof, just look at the politics in California right now. The entire budget is at a standstill because both sides are convinced only they have the correct answers.

Every time I get these long winded misinformation pieces, I automatically hit the most important button on the keyboard, without reading one word of it."

Maybe that's what we need.............A universial delete button. One that would make these kinds of people just.........go away..........never to be heard from again.

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Come on.......DO IT!

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