Monday, June 7, 2010

The big rip off in America

The news just made this amazing pronouncement that should be nothing but a miracle for millions of people all over the world.

Two novel anti-cancer therapies -- one that targets a type of lung cancer, the other a drug that trains the body's immune system to fight off melanoma -- created a stir at a major cancer meeting this weekend. Both therapies are still in their experimental phases; however, physicians at the American Society of Clinical Oncology 's annual conference in Chicago were hopeful that the different approaches could change the way doctors treat cancer.

For one thing, he said, the study demonstrates the speed with which discoveries can be translated to clinical testing. The protein that the therapy targets was first reported in 2007, and that finding is now starting to show results in clinical trials.

"In just three short years we've gone from a description of [a cancer gene] to a therapy," he said.

He also said that patients with the mutation that leads to the protein "can expect a dramatic benefit."

Indeed, in the study of 82 patients with advanced disease, Bang and colleagues found that the patients had a 72 percent probability of halting the progress of cancer at six months after starting the therapy. The majority of these patients saw their tumors shrink by more than 30 percent, he said, and some saw their cancers disappear.

Now all this is clearly the most important and wonderful news perhaps in my lifetime for those poor souls suffering from these cancers plaguing humans all this time.

At the end of the announcement, they threw the proverbial rock into the glass wall. The same rock that always ruins everything to do with our pharmaceutical system here in America. That would be the cost. I just heard them say on the news that these wonderful new miracle drugs could and probably will save countless lives very soon BUT the damn thing at this point will cost "hundreds of thousands of dollars PER PILL".

WHAT THE HELL!!!!! What are they made out of, pure gold and diamond dust?

How in the hell could that be? I'll tell you what I and others think. The same thing that drives almost everything humans can't live without. GREED! Our financial system has these cool words for this. "Whatever the market will bear". "Supply and Demand". So lets get this straight. These idiots will set their prices not by how much each little pill cost them to make but the highest possible price the most amount of money people can scrounge up. Also if they keep the supply very low and the demand is huge, which of course they will, they can charge whatever the hell they feel like.

Okay okay, I know they tell us it costs a lot of money to do the "Research and Development" stuff. I'm sure it does but that's what they're in business to do, isn't it? How about instead of trying to make all their research money back in just a year or two, they make the damn things affordable to the masses and get their return in however long it takes under those logical and humane conditions?

Another aspect we should look carefully at is how much money does the owners and management of these zillion dollar companies personally make on the backs of the masses? Millions and millions? Do they drive Rolls Royce's and live in mansions? Do they have personal jets to travel? If the answer to these questions puts them anywhere near super rich, then they can just live closer to the normal people they are claiming to care about. Isn't that the ultimate, real reason for these pharmaceutical companies to exist? Or are they in business to become super rich and the hell with everyone else?

I also see on the box ads for drugs to help us with the cancer drugs. They say "Our new drug makes cancer a much more comfortable problem". I ALWAYS say "Yea, if your rich! Otherwise suffer and die fool".

One more thing. We've all heard that the cost of meds in Canada and Mexico is pennies on the dollar. I know people who go to these countries once or twice a year and get all their prescriptions for incredibly low and reasonable prices. For prices that normal working stiffs can handle without going without food.

What should this tell us about the pharmaceutical companies operating in America?

Indeed what?


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The wealthy population control the masses!!