Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Meeting of Words with What Is

Back in my hippie days, I spent years studying Eastern Philosophies and
practicing meditation. At 2:00 a.m. in 1971, With the relationship between words and reality roaming through my mind, This story hit me in one big flash and I wrote it down.

So, put on your rose colored glasses and

Far, far away, farther than the human mind could understand, in a place so unlike our universe, that if it were right in front of our faces we would not see it, lives the subject of this story.

It is a world made up of words, just words. Even the world they live on is a word. When the words developed themselves, by giving birth to new words, a very special new word was born. He was QUESTION. As soon as question was old enough and fully developed, he asked the ultimate question--

What is the meaning of our existence?

This started a giant argument between all the words, for each word thought he was the meaning of their existence.

Soon they realized that none of them really knew, so they decided to leave their world and find other new words to answer the question. They all got into a huge ship, which was also a word, and went on their search.

A long time passed before they came upon a real realm of life. A planet, filled with real life. A meeting then took place between words and

The name of this story, then, is....

The meeting of words with what is............

Words were a strange lot. They existed in and for themselves, or so Thought thought. Eons of time passed uninterrupted until one day Question came into being.

He was a very troublesome existence for Words, but a necessary evolution just happened. Since his being, Words were in a constant state of doubt about their being. They could not find the answer of his being in their existence, so they planned a royal search, which would last forever if need be, for the answer of Question had to be involved in words, Words had not perceived yet.

So the trip was planned by Plan, power provided by Power. All that was left was for Time to speak. He said "now", so Go was gone and They were off. Off usually didn't like being They, but this time he did. He wondered why he did, then remembered the importance of the mission with the help of his friend Remember.

Then one morning after Sleep were, and Morning was, all the higher words were in Control Room's room. "The day after yesterday is going to be beautiful", Weather replied, with Beautiful at his side being beautiful.
Beautiful liked going to be. Agree agreed, of course, then went on
agreeing. "Weather", Worry worried, "I'm worried about Calculations. He's been with Flight Plan again. The last time they were, Off joined Course and tried to take over Control. Only through his Greatest Effort, a friend by proxy, did Life, our beloved leader, remain living. I say we let Lock retain Calculations in Security's custody the remainder of the trip".
"yes", Weather said after consulting Agree, "I agree, send in do". Shortly, Do came in. "Do", said Weather, "do what Worry wants and don't worry him about details. Details will handle it. Then Schedule came in with Time at his side as proof saying, "Weather, Hunger wants you and One Hour to go visit Sleep". Weather liked Sleep, as did all the Words because Sleep was the only one who could drop Question, but Responsibility always chased Sleep around, so he could not stay with any one Word too long.

The trip was now with Gone and Long with Time forever there. Sighting, of other Words they had found in their travels in this new unfamiliar galaxy, had been time long now. Days, Weeks, Months, Years, Eons, kept coming and going, back and forth until all words were almost taken over by Boredom the Evil. But one day, Day stopped, looked at Scanner, then watched Dials and Lights dance the dance of discovery. Discovery danced with Joy. Closer moved in so Sight could see. What was it? Question's Power Words were the strongest now, so they moved in with Closer and Careful, but an answer did not seem to live on the new newness.

Life and Thought, with the help of Now and Felt, felt that a grand chamber meeting was a now. Time said when and Place was there, so all Words gathered with Gather in Grand Chamber's chamber.

All the great Higher Words sat with Front. Facts and all his Definitions sat with Right. Intellect and his Definitions sat with Left. Emotion and his sat with middle. Life sat high above his definitions in Throne's lap.

"The meeting", Ready proclaimed, "is now in order". Order liked being in. Testimonials started then, allowing each Word a turn. Turns were an
uncomplaining lot, so they didn't mind. Thought took Floor and said,
"We've given thought to this new thing extensively, but thought doesn't
seem to exist on it". Then Sight took Floor and said "We can see it
but we can see no sight". Then Feeling with Floor said "We can feel this
strange thing, but we can feel no feeling". Hearing and Floor then said,"We can hear this thing but we can't hear hearing on it. Then Nothing stood up, but Words knew what he would say.

Life, with Stood and Up, finally said, "It is dead then, for if it is not
thought, sight, feeling, hearing or nothing, then it is dead". "no", said
Death, "for death doesn't live here either.

Suddenly Real with Stood and Up took Floor and said "Real is not there either, so we say this new thing is a Not. Imagination probably imagined this not for us". But Not, with Say, said "it is not a not".

Life and Stood was Now and said, "If it is not a Not and not an Is, then not even needed is Now, so we will move on into this new galaxy for forever and search until Find is here. Our search for other new Words to answer the question, will be enriched and moved with the help of Upwards.

So Forget forgot and Words moved on.

As Words moved away, WHAT IS smiled and watched, without smile or sight. He even felt a little sorry for Words, without feeling or sorrow.....................



Anonymous said...

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Know Soul said...

Wow Paul, I don't even know what to say, but I guess I don't need to say Anything....or maybe Something. That was incredible. Thank you so much for the Insight. My only question about Question, is where is Answer? Or do we have to wait till we find Find? Very delicious food for thought. Much appreciated.

krystle_cope said...

Very stimulating and I loved every word. Ill be thinking about this one for a while!